100’s of unique puzzle-arcade levels to play through

Fast, fresh gameplay w/ responsive controls - that keeps you entertained for hours!

Vibrantly animated action!

Engaging 3-Star level structure keeps you motivated to play!

Diverse globetrotting level backdrops!

Powerful, innovative physics-engine enabled gameplay!

Full Retina / HD display support with rich graphics!

Awesome music!


Get ready for something totally different with Rescue Aliens

Rescue Aliens brings players together with a motley crew of cute alien friends and challenges them to break out their alien buddies from jails all over the world!
The game features physics enabled gameplay, hundreds of diverse levels, and hours of mentally engaging action.

A whimsical blend of arcade chain reaction fun set against mentally engaging puzzle inspired setups, this game challenges players to set off a chain reaction using their alien allies one that ends with the captive aliens freed and up to 3 stars in your pockets!
With up to six unique aliens each with their own unique abilities such as jump, rolling, and more gameplay always stays sophisticated and fresh too! To boot, with one hundred and twenty levels spread across six exotic global countries and six more diverse countries, each complete with 20 new levels set to be unveiled soon. Rescue Aliens is an adventure vast enough to keep giving gamers new experiences time and time again.

A genuinely original addition to the mobile gaming arena this jet setting spectacle features the tried and true 3 star rating system for every level to encourage gamers to not simply scramble through every level but master it.

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